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Chris Faroe Album Launch Concert

Chris Faroe is releasing his first solo folk album! The show will be in a mansion on Prospect Park, completely acoustic and candle-lit. Reserve tickets at

The album is called 'Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo."

A variety-show-style showcase will kick the night off (featuring THE SNEAKY MISTER and LADDER TO THE MOON), followed by SPECIAL SECRET GUESTS---this secret act is one of my favorite bands in the world. They're too famous to mention on facebook so they've asked I keep their names secret until the night of the show! (not even kidding)

And my own ensemble, one-night-only, will consist of RACHEL LAITMAN, EMILY EINHORN and my twin sister JOHANNA FAROE!

I've been writing and editing and recording this album for over two years now.
The album will be available along with a poetry/art/annotated-lyric book.
I'm making baklava for you to eat. There will be door prizes. I will reveal some epiphanies, recent and ancient. Come celebrate with me IN A MANSION.

***Reserve tickets before this thing sells out! OR

{{{{{"Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo." was recorded and co-produced with Peter J Hochstedler over 6 months in 5 states (NJ, NY, VT, IN, IL) and includes the voices and talents of about a million great friends (inlcuding Rachel Laitman, Johanna Faroe, Peter Hochstedler, Zach Huckelbauer, Leah Dagan, Jonathon Wiest and Scott Stapp!). Some (Chris) have called it the Next Great American Folk Album. Preorders will be available on April 9th via}}}