Career Design

Musicians, Makers, Creative humans!

I want to help you create a sustainable income, while remaining independent.

Whether you need help with crowdfunding a specific project, or want to design your creative career from the bottom up, I will work with you individually to  help you find and utilize the tools that will move you towards sustainability and success.

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Introduction To Creative Project Mapping

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After a few sessions with a musician I’ve been working with one-on-one, she said:

"I have to tell you, this is so wonderful, and very inspiring and now I feel confident! I think that you're developing something really special that can help a lot of people. Your personality mixed with what you've been exposed to mixed with the training you've gone through: I don't think anyone is doing what you're doing."

After a recent career design retreat one artist came out saying:

“I never thought of myself as someone with a business mind, and now I feel like I can be that kind of person!”

[*don’t worry, you still get to keep your non-business mind too!]

work with me one-on-one:

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Project Mapping

Whether you want to focus on a single creative project, or your whole career, we'll take stock of where you are, clarify where you want to go, and create a strategy that will get you there.

Hourly sessions at $80-$120 per session, sliding scale.

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campaign design

I will bring you through a four-week process of designing your Kickstarter strategy, so that by the time you launch, you will have everything you need to confidently run a focused and successful campaign . 

A four-session individual course over four weeks, plus a follow-up consult mid-campaign, $720.

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campaign management

I will manage your crowdfunding campaign, working alongside you and your team, week by week. This covers every single aspect, from pre-launch strategy through post-campaign followup and fulfillment. 

Approximately 80 hours over eight weeks, $4,000.