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Creative Career Design Course


a 12-week online course




A live, community-based online course for artists, musicians, and creative humans.

After working with over 100 people this year, and leading more than 20 workshops and retreats, this course the most comprehensive dive into the creative career design process I’ve been researching and developing for the past six years.

Learn to navigate your career landscape with a confident clarity of vision, making choices that are in line with how you actually like spending your days on this planet.

We will be learning to use new tools, having important conversations, and working together to move closer to a radically sustainable creative practice.

Interested? Let’s talk by email or phone to see if this course is the right fit for you.

"I walked away with more clarity than I have felt in years re: where I should be putting my time, energy, and efforts when it comes to my career. It's f***ing great and you should do it!"

-Tiffany Topol, songwriter/producer/musician/actor extraordinaire

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Course Features

Mastermind Forum

All participants will have 24/7 access to an online mastermind group on Slack. This will be a place to brainstorm, converse, share new ideas, and get support from Chris and the other participants throughout the week.

Weekly Call

Each week we will gather on a Zoom video call. Our time will include a teaching session, Q&A time, and co-working session where we tackle the coursework and exercises together.

Workshop Calls

Every third call will be in the format of a workshop. Participants will have a chance to share their maps or other coursework and get focused feedback and support from Chris and the rest of the group.

Digital Resource Library

Each participant will have a personal online workbook, updated throughout the course with new exercises, explorations, and mapping canvases. Additionally, Chris will add extra videos, case studies, articles, and other resources throughout the duration of the course in case you want to go deeper on any subject.

Personal Accountability

After the first week, participants will be paired into accountability partnerships. Partners will check in weekly to give each other support and camaraderie throughout the course. Chris will do a personal mid-course call with you and your accountability partner to connect on anything that needs a more focused and personalized conversation.

Call Recordings

Can’t make it to one of the calls? Want to review something we learned a few weeks ago? No problem! Participants will have access to recordings of every call from the course.

Ongoing Community

You have a team now. There is a growing community of talented, driven artists and musicians who have gone deep with this material. Even after this 3-month course is complete, you (along with dozens of other folks who have taken a long-form workshop or online course) are automatically accepted into the exclusive Creative Career Design Community. This includes access to the soon-to-launch online forum, free periodic group calls with me and other course alum, and regular free resources like case studies and new career design strategies I’m developing. For so many of us who are working independently, having the support of a team of like-minded creatives can make all the difference.

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Weekly Schedule

The schedule is simple.

We will have one group video call each week, split into two halves. Each half will last 45-60 minutes (ie. between 1.5 and 2 hours total). Typically the first half will include teaching and Q&A time, and the second half will be group workbook and mapping time. Every 3rd call will be in workshop format.

The course is designed to leave a very light footprint on your week; while there will occasionally be coursework that doesn’t fit into the co-working sessions during our weekly group call, we’ll do our best to cover almost all of it on the calls. Chris will provide optional explorations and mapping exercises for folks who want to do more throughout the week.


*The following days and times are tentative and subject to change based on participant availability*

Group calls will be on Wednesday* evenings and will begin at 7pm Central time (8pm Eastern, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific).

The first group call will take place on Wednesday, October 10th* and calls will take place every following Wednesday until December 19th (there will be no call on November 21st, the week of Thanksgiving). We will take a break for the holidays and then have our final two calls as followup sessions in mid January.

*If these call days or times do not fit with your schedule, don’t let that stop you from applying! Once we know who is on board we will do our best to tweak timing to accommodate everyone’s schedule, potentially choosing a different weeknight for regular group calls.

Words from past participants

This year I’ve taught dozens of workshops and retreats all over the country and have been grateful to connect with over 100 incredible artists and creative humans. Here are what some of them have said about their experience with this same material in group workshops and retreats:


"I'd recommend this workshop for anyone who is unwilling to compromise the well-being of their soul for their career goals. Yes, there is a practical way to analyze decisions about creative endeavors! Chris has got that mapped out and his excitement to share that is quite obvious. I love learning about myself, so I really appreciated the enthusiastic and focused container this workshop provided to dive deep into my core values and true visions." 

 Chris teaching a day-long workshop in St. Louis this summer (photo: C. Bauer)

Chris teaching a day-long workshop in St. Louis this summer (photo: C. Bauer)

-Jess Kin, performer, artist, sacred-space creator


"The career design retreat led by Chris was so nourishing emotionally, creatively, and spiritually. Since the retreat, I've used the value mapping and holistic context tools on several occasions in different areas of my life. I found the entire experience very grounding. I feel confident in my choices even as I am simultaneously scared while taking big risks because I've done the work to identify my values and goals. I am really grateful to have these tools, have met wonderful people, and had the space and environment to check in with myself and honor my creative aspirations. Thank you, Chris!”

-Emily Bold, performer, writer, social-justice activist

"I went into the retreat with a clear sense of my passion and purpose yet no idea how to translate that into making a living for myself. I came out with an overarching vision for my life and tools to build it. I now feel more confident supporting the evolution of my vision in a less confused and overwhelming way. What I learned helped me begin to fill in the gaps between what I know I have to offer the world and how to best provide it and support myself in doing it. Setting boundaries and saying no to people has always been difficult for me and I love being able to quantify what I give and get out of job opportunities. This way when I need to make decisions I don't have to fight my own feelings to make a decision. It's all right there on paper. I feel like I grew my own teammate in my mind and now we can achieve anything together."

-Emily Ritz, musician & interdisciplinary artist

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The cost for this course is $54 per week and can be paid in full (for an extra 10% off) or in four monthly installments.

Further discounts are available for anyone who has worked with me in the past one-on-one, or in a paid group workshop.