One Ticket: Career Design Workshop, St Louis

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One Ticket: Career Design Workshop, St Louis

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Intro to Creative Career Design, a two-part workshop for musicians, artists, and creative humans, led by Chris Faroe. In St Louis on Saturday, July 21, 2018.

Full Workshop: $44 (both parts 1 and 2)

Half Workshop: $30 (part 1 or part 2 only)

Take the full workshop (ie. both parts 1 and 2) for a 26% discount.

PART 1: 11AM-1PM

Holistic Life Context

A decision-making structure that balances quality of life with career goals.  

PART 2: 1:30PM-3:30PM

Creative Project Mapping

A creative mapping system that uses permaculture techniques to sustainably redesign your project, practice, or career. 

*While you're welcome to come for only one part, we  highly recommend attending both sections. The tools are complimentary and most powerful when used together. Sign up for both parts for a discounted price.

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