Career Design Groups

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Mastermind Group 

This is your team. Stay connected with a community of driven artists and musicians with a 24/7  mastermind group on the Slack app, where the members are using the same tools to manage and design their careers. 

Each member will be paired with an accountability partner to help you stay focused and supported. Twice a month, you will have access to a video call where we will focus the group's collective experience and wisdom on any questions or problems that you bring.


Career Design Group

The co-management, co-mentorship group for independent musicians and artists. Along with access to the Slack Mastermind Group and bi-weekly Q&A calls, Chris will send you new teaching materials, prompts, and worksheets every other week for you to work on individually or with your accountability partner. Additionally, you will have access to bi-weekly workshop calls where Chris and the group will help you develop your personal project map and create your ongoing project/business plan.

Individual Sessions

Sign up for two hour-long individual calls with Chris per month, and have access to all of the above groups and resources in addition to your one-on-one time.