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Deep work for a radically sustainable creative practice. Saturday July 21 at 11am

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A two-part Creative Sustainability workshop for artists, musicians, and creative humans. Learn to map your projects and design a career that is more in line with how you actually like spending your days on this planet.   

"I walked away with more clarity than I have felt in years re: where I should be putting my time, energy, and efforts when it comes to my career. 

It's f***ing great and you should do it!"

-Tiffany Topol, songwriter, producer, musician, actor extraordinaire

intro to creative career design workshop

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The Struggle

Almost every musician or artist I’ve ever met deals with so much frustration, constantly having to re-invent the wheel just so that people might hear or see what they create. Despite all this hard work even the most talented artists I know rarely break even financially.

I have seen so many brilliant people spending valuable time on jobs that they hate, having to put off amazing projects, receiving a tiny fraction of the appreciation their work deserves, and getting completely burned out by having to manage every detail of their careers.

I have dealt with many of these frustrations myself.

That’s why for years now I have focused on helping talented, driven musicians and artists who are feeling overworked and underpaid create sustainable careers doing what they love.

the Intensive workshop

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The Tools

This two-part intensive workshop will introduce you to the foundational elements of the two most powerful career design tools that I've found so far in my journey towards radically sustainable artistic practice:

Part 1) Holistic Life Context: A decision making structure that balances quality of life with career goals.  Part one will run from 11:00-1:00pm

Part 2) Creative Resource Exchange Mapping:  A project-mapping system that uses permaculture techniques to sustainably  redesign your project, practice, or career.  

Part 2 will run from 1:30pm to 3:30pm and followed by optional Q&A/Conversation time with Chris


The Result

You will come out with a clearer idea of where you want to go in your career and a prioritized inventory of the resources you have available to get you there, as well as the beginnings of a sustainability map designed to help you chart out what to do next.

Whether you’re frustrated and don’t know where to go next, or you feel like you’re onto something good but want to optimize it, these tools will help bring clarity and practical systems to move you towards reaching your goals sustainably.

"I'd recommend this workshop for anyone who is unwilling to compromise the well-being of their soul for their career goals. Yes, there is a practical way to analyze decisions about creative endeavors! Chris has got that mapped out and his excitement to share that is quite obvious. I love learning about myself, so I really appreciated the enthusiastic and focused container this workshop provided to dive deep into my core values and true visions." 

-Jess Kin, performer, artist, sacred-space creator


"I went into the retreat with a clear sense of my passion and purpose yet no idea how to translate that into making a living for myself. I came out with an overarching vision for my life and tools to build it. I now feel more confident supporting the evolution of my vision in a less confused and overwhelming way. What I learned helped me begin to fill in the gaps between what I know I have to offer the world and how to best provide it and support myself in doing it. Setting boundaries and saying no to people has always been difficult for me and I love being able to quantify what I give and get out of job opportunities. This way when I need to make decisions I don't have to fight my own feelings to make a decision. It's all right there on paper. I feel like I grew my own teammate in my mind and now we can achieve anything together."

-Emily Ritz, musician & interdisciplinary artist


Where:  2101 Locust  St. Louis, MO 63130

When:  Saturday July 21, 2018     part 1: 11am-1pm     part 2: 1:30pm-3:30pm       While you're welcome to come for only one part, I  *highly*  recommend attending both sections as they are complimentary and these tools are most powerful when used together.

How:  How much?   $45 for both parts or $30 for a single part     Includes teaching, mapping and materials packet, snacks, and access to ongoing Career Design materials that Chris is beta testing. Additionally, participants will receive a substantial discount on future trainings, retreats, and online courses.

Who:  I'm Chris Faroe, a writer, musician, and explorer, often living in the Hudson Valley of New York. 

For the past several years I have been researching ways to use patterns from permaculture design and sustainable agriculture to help creative humans (including myself) develop a resilient, fulfilling right livelihood.

When I'm not mapping creative projects, I can be found working on my tiny house, playing with my veggie-oil-powered '80s Mercedes, or dancing around.