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sustainable Creativity course

Welcome to the very special beta test season of the online Creative Career Design Community. This is the ongoing weekly manifestation of my Creative Career Design retreats.  We will be learning to use new tools, having important conversations, and working together to move ourselves significantly closer to a radical sustainable practice.

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Course Features

Weekly activities

  • Family Dinner is a Zoom call with the whole team. In the spirit of any good potluck, everyone will bring something to share: this will be a combination of Q&A about the week's material, sharing progress from the week, and taking turns spotlighting each participant's current situation. *Questions for the Q&A are due 24 hours before the call and will be answered in the order which they are posted in the Slack forum.

  • Dessert consists of digital content given out weekly after Family Dinner. This includes the week's teaching (in audio, video, or article form) as well as exercises and prompts to work on before the next Scrabble Night.
  • The Slack Workspace is an exclusive 24/7 online forum where we will be communicating throughout the week.  Post questions, comments, challenges, and successes and join the discussions that arise from these.  Slack is an app that helps teams communicate and categorize their conversations.
  • Scrabble Night is an optional time to meet in the Slack group with any questions, concerns, or to simply talk through something. You will be given assignments (aka. Dessert) that will be due Sunday night so this would be a good time to go over them with everyone else or finish them up last-minute if you've had a busy week!
  • Everyone will be paired up with an "accountability partner" for the duration of our 12 weeks together. Date Night is a check in between you and your accountability partner where you can co-manage, co-mentor, or work on prompts together. Fit it into your schedule whenever works for you + your partner.
  • Third Wheel is a check in that will happen once during the course and will be with you + your accountability partner + Chris. You can book additional sessions (at a discounted hourly rate) with Chris individually or with your accountability partner, usually on Thursdays or Fridays.
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Weekly Schedule


Each week we will have a group video call (aka. Family Dinner), digital teaching and solo exercises (aka. Dessert), and a chance to co-work on anything we need to in the online forum (aka. Scrabble Night).

The course is designed to fit within the schedule of your busy creative life. The first week (a cumulative 5-6 hours between solo-work and group calls) will be a little heavier than the following weeks (an average of 3-4 hours). That said, the more time you are able to invest in this work, the more yield you will see.

sample weekly schedule

This is a sample tentative schedule for our weeks together. Click on the image to enlarge, or click HERE to go to the current google sheets version.

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The discounted cost of the beta version of this course is $50* per week, paid in bi-weekly increments of $100*.

First payment is due Friday 5/11.

*If you value what I'm doing and would like to donate more to support my work, please feel free to adjust the payment amount.