buffalo guts

First watch this:

Written and rewritten on sheets of butcher paper, with the help of wikipedia and three biographies on Henry Hudson; recorded in cabins, bedrooms, liberal arts colleges, and attics spanning six different states; collaged together on old maps by an army of valiant souls in time for its release in a 100-year-old Brooklyn mansion, my album is finally finished!

I decided to call it 'Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.' And I decided it should only have eight tracks--short enough to listen through in one sitting, but deep enough, hopefully, to last far longer. Over the six months of recording this album, aided by the meticulous ear and brain of my co-producer/engineer extraordinaire Peter Hochstedler, I experienced a revolution in my perspectives on what makes an album complete, and good, and worth recording in the first place. 

And then, as I tried to figure out how to make a living off of this newly-birthed thing, there followed a revolution in my perspective on the relationship between money and my art. More on that in a future blog post, but for now let's say that this album is a manifestation of A) the uncanny generosity of so many friends and B) the culmination of years of calculation, thousands of hours of work, and all my guts and love. And I can't put a price on that, so I am left with the economy of generosity. This album isn't mine, it's ours. Your generosity allows me to continue my projects, but I'd rather you have it for free than not have it at all.

So please download the album and pay what it's worth to you!

If that's $100, that's great, if it's $0 and an email telling me which song is your favorite, that's amazing! People's generosity so far has taught me not to limit them to a single price; I've already been given places to stay, offers of hospitality/houseshows for tour, car buying advice, personal reviews of my album in my inbox, folks recommending my album to their friends, and so much more.

Music is my only job and it would make me feel a lot safer to just charge you eight bucks for my album. But you've shown me that asking for more than money--falling into the generous creativity of community--is worth the risk.

And with all my guts and love, I thank you!

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