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Beta Tester Application

improving the creative career design online course

I need your creative brain!

I’m constantly honing this content and working to improve the formats in which I make it available. Being a beta tester is perhaps the best way to get an in-depth understanding of my full range of tools, and it’s the most affordable way to take my course.

The exchange is quite simple; in exchange for a 40% discount on the 12-week course ($260 off), I ask that you give me weekly feedback throughout the course. Some of this will be written, and some of it will be in call form, but either way it should take no more than 30-60 minutes per week on average. Additionally, beta testers will have the opportunity to spend about 5 hours post-course (scheduled in a way that works for you) to help me create and test the next version of the online course and digital workbook.

Please answer the following with a few sentences. No need to labor over this long, it’s just to give me a sense of what you’re able to contribute to the beta tester team; I’m more interested in hearing from you quickly so that we can get the ball rolling. I’ll schedule a phone call with everyone who seems like a good fit.

Name *
What are your primary areas of creative practice?
Based on our past conversations and/or what you've read on my site, what is it about Creative Career Design that piques your interest?
I'm constantly working to hone and improve this content. What are some unique ways you could see yourself contributing to this process?
Your feedback will be most valuable if you have a understanding of the whole range of career design tools and techniques that I work with. Therefore I will need all beta testers to participate in all 12 weeks of the online course. Are you able to commit to attending between 10 and 12 of the 12 online group calls, and watching the recordings of any of the calls that you miss? (assuming we can schedule them at a reasonable time in your week)
We'll have a chance to get into more details when we chat by phone, but is there anything else I should know about that qualifies you to be a valuable member of my beta tester team?